How to Easily Record your iPhone Calls and Conversations

How to Easily Record your iPhone Calls and Conversations

We can witness nowadays that Apple has especially made it convenient for everyone who are using their gadgets by providing lots of apps that promises loads of features. Apps reminding you your daily tasks and even monitoring your health are now available for free download via App store and people are now using these things. However, there’s only one problem about iPhones: There’s no way for you to record your phone calls by using the iPhone’s features alone.

How to Easily Record your iPhone Calls and Conversations

Technical experts think that the main reason behind this one is that recording call conversations pose a security risk in both parties (the caller and the receiver). However, if you’re not a high-profile person, you may see this one as a nuisance rather than a security concern. This is the reason why people are now looking for apps that can offer this feature.


The sad truth about this matter however is the fact that such apps don’t come in cheap. Another fact is that most available apps online promising this feature are nothing but fake. Needless to say, you will be persuaded to spend time downloading useless apps and, in some cases, with viruses also.


As of now, these are the apps and services that offer call recordings in your iPhone for real, if in case that you’re interested:


  1. Google Voice Recording – This one is absolutely free, provided that you can follow simple instructions to enable the recording feature in your Google account. Be informed, however, that Google voice only records incoming calls in addition to the fact that you have to provide Google your own phone number in order to use this feature. Once done, you can easily record incoming calls and save it into MP3 audio file format.


  1. IntCall – If you’re somewhat willing to spend a few dollars, you can record domestic calls via IntCall for just ten cents per minute. This uses the VoIP feature, meaning you have to stay connected via Wi-Fi in order to use the recording features. Using this one requires you to download the application via App Store, register for a new account and providing the necessary payment options.


  1. TapeACall Pro – If you’re constantly making calls whether locally or internationally, you may find it convenient to use TapeACall Pro. For just $10, you can make unlimited calls regardless of location and conversation length. However, using this feature requires you to run the corresponding app and hitting the record button before making a call.