Apple Report Problem

How to Return Purchased Applications from Mac App Store

Sometimes dysfunctional apps happen. Google Play Store has its own method of returning dysfunctional apps and purchases. And of course, Mac App Store has its own method, too.  Unluckily, not all apps within Mac Store can be contested for refund.  But if you know that your case is a good one, you can follow the steps herein for purchase refund. Remember that you can only ask reimbursement within 90 days of purchase.

Apple Report Problem
Apple Report Problem



  1. Visit and you’ll be able to get a view of your purchase list. Alternatively, you can visit iTunes on our Mac and choose Store.  Within Store, choose View Account and hit on See All which is located under Purchase History.  However, you must bear in mind that you cannot return purchase via App Store.  You can only check on the list of your past apps but that’s just it.


  1. You can see the Report a Problem link for all your recent app purchases. In case you haven’t seen your Mac app purchase on the recent list, click on the grey arrow to expand the list.  Locate the Report a Problem link and click on it to begin with your reporting process.


  1. You will be then directed to the page where you have to state your request. Choose the right subject of your concern and describe the specific problem(s) which occurred.


  1. If the Mac app is eligible for a refund, you will immediately see the Request Refund button. In this case, you can have your refund within 5-7 days. On the other hand, if your concern is eligible, the Apple support team will contact you within 48 hour to help you.