How to Save and Fix Your Wet or Submerged iPhone

How to Save and Fix Your Wet or Submerged iPhone

Whether we like it or not, accidents really do happen. Nowadays, accidents could happen not only to us but to our property as well, including our own gadgets. Gadgets that are made nowadays have three most dangerous and well-known banes: First are the children, next is negligence while the third one is none other than water. Of the three, the water is the most dangerous.

How to Save and Fix Your Wet or Submerged iPhone
How to Save and Fix Your Wet or Submerged iPhone


Some smartphones are made to resist water at some rate. However, some smartphones don’t. And this rule also applies to iPhones as well. And even if you own a water-resistant iPhone, it definitely doesn’t mean that water can’t penetrate it. As we all know, water can even pass through its openings, however small they may be.


Let’s just say that somehow, your $399 iPhone have found its way right into your bath tub or swimming pool. You have managed to save your iPhone but still, water has found its way inside. If this is your case, you can do the following in order to save your precious iPhone.


  1. Make Sure that you Don’t Turn the iPhone On. Don’t ever turn your wet iPhone on. Doing that will definitely short-circuit the iPhone’s important parts inside it. If in case that your iPhone is still on even if it’s still wet, quickly turn it off.


  1. Remove the iPhone’s case quickly. In order for your iPhone to dry faster, remove its case. This will help in drying out droplets of water that has gotten inside your iPhone.


  1. Try to shake most of the water out and wipe it down. If your iPhone is still dripping, shake the water out in the most possible way. After that, wipe the excess water down.


  1. Remove the SIM card and let it dry in a warm place. Once you drain most of the water out, make sure that it’s off and leave it inside a warm place for a few days. You can either leave it on top of your TV or even in a window sill. However, make sure that you watch out for it or some thieves might try to steal it.


  1. If you’re desperate enough, take your iPhone apart. Well…opening up your iPhone and taking the parts out can void its warranty. Just do this if you’re sure that your iPhone’s warranty has already lapsed.


  1. Once parts are already exposed, dry it out. Once you succeed in opening your iPhone and taking its parts out, dry the separate parts by using a cooling fan.