Reboot your Apple Mac Book

How to Shut Down or Reboot your Apple Mac Book – Short Cut Keys

Sometimes you may find yourself getting tired of having to click on things using your mouse or trackpad.  It’s just it is so inconvenient that you still need to leave the comforts of the familiar keys on your keyboard, right?


When it comes to copy, past and undo options, there are shortcuts for those using different key combinations.  Now, when it comes to shutting down your Apple Mac device, do you still need to enlist the help of your mouse or trackpad?

Reboot your Apple Mac Book
Reboot your Apple Mac Book


Ordinarily, you shut down or reboot by clicking through the Apple Menu and then Shutdown.  Save that routine and learn few tricks how to instantly reboot or shut down your Apple Mac.


Tips and Tricks:

  • For an instant shutdown, use:Command + Option + Control + Power/Eject.
  • For an instant reboot, use: Control + Command + Power/Eject.
  • For an instant log-out from your account, use: Command + Shift + Q.
  • For instantly putting your Apple Mac into sleep: Command + Option + Power.
  • For instantly turning off your Apple Mac display screen: Shift + Control + Power.


Always take note of the word “instantly” here.  You have to see to it that you saved all the open files before performing the shortcut.  Sometimes, your device will not prompt you to save your work.  You may lose important data when you hit the combination of keys.  To avoid this circumstance, it’s better for you to hit that Save button or simply tap the combination of Command + S.