Super Mario in iPhone is now a Dream Come True

Super Mario in iPhone is now a Dream Come True

It had recently occurred this year that Nintendo had started making games on mobile devices. Both Miitomo and Pokemon Go had their share of glory. However, most Nintendo fans also missed seeing the dungeon adventures of Mario and his brother Luigi. And right after the company’s press event this month, we had discovered that the Super Mario Run, the Super Mario game designed for iOS is coming this December.


Unlike the previous 2D adventure type, Super Mario Run will be an auto-running platform game just like Temple Run. The Android version, however, isn’t confirmed yet,

Super Mario in iPhone is now a Dream Come True

Super Mario Run Gameplay

Playing Super Mario Run can be done even by using only one hand. Controlling Mario involves a series of tapping while he runs. Needless to say, a single screen tap will make Mario do a short jump while a longer jump means a higher one. These controls must be used by the player in order to complete an area or a dungeon level. It’s interesting to know that, during the company’s press event, two different locations are revealed namely, the grasslands and boss-level castle areas. And since running platform games are thriving the Apple App Store, having Super Mario Run will make a fine addition.


What makes Super Mario Run different?

Unlike other running platform games, Super Mario Run lets the player enjoy the Toad Rally Battle Mode, which lets the player compete with other available players online. Unlike level-based challenges, the Toad Rally challenges are endless provided with a timer that aims to force the player get a high score in order to win the challenges. Earning scores include getting coins or impressing toads within the game. Toads can be obtained by accomplishing impressive feats, therefore resulting to toads becoming new citizens to your own Mushroom Kingdom. Eventually, you can use the accumulated coins in order to customize your kingdom as you like.


When is it going to become available?


Nintendo had announced that Super Mario Run is going to become available for free download this December, probably right before Christmas. If you want to get notified about this one, you can easily search for it via App Store then choose the Notify option. And just like other games, Super Mario Run will also offer in-app purchases for those who wanted to continue the adventure. Also expect that purchases for game coins and other items will become available as well.