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Must-remember Tips that You Must Remember While Recording Your iPad, iPod or iPhone

Most people nowadays are now doing serious iOS screencasting whenever they are doing some research such as game and mobile reviews, political observation reports, scientific analysis, etc. Due to the fact that the iOS is now becoming more and more popular when it comes to security, this is usually the first choice of those who wants to make screencasting their so-called career. And along with some sites and blogs, there’s no doubt that this can earn you potential income.

Must-remember Tips that You Must Remember While Recording Your iPad, iPod or iPhone

However, always remember that there are some things that you must carefully do, especially if you want your iOS screen cast to become popular. Listed below are some of these very important tips:


  1. Make sure that you have a very good microphone. What is iOS screencasting if you’re not using a very good microphone? As we all know, if you want to have a very good recording, you must make sure that you have a very good microphone. This ensures you that your potential audience will clearly understand every word that you’re going to say.


  1. Always choose a quiet place to record your castings. Whenever you do an iOS screencast, always make sure that you’re doing it inside a quiet and well-ventilated place. Aside from the microphone, this is very important also.


  1. Don’t lose track of your recording time. Whenever you do some serious recording, always make sure that you’re monitoring the time on a constant basis. This ensures you that you’re in control of your recording and your words as well.


  1. Clean up unnecessary clutter in your Apple Device. Whenever you are using an iPhone or an iPad in your recording, always make sure that there is no unnecessary clutter that can be found on your home screen. Since the Apple device’s screen will also appear on your computer, make sure that your audience won’t get distracted by anything that appears on your iPhone or iPad’s screen.


  1. Make sure that you have the “Do not Disturb” mode enabled. Whenever you do some recording, your audience will see anything that appears in your screen, including the notifications itself. This can somehow distract your audience’s attention, especially if two or more pop-ups are constantly appearing on your screen.


  1. Always lock the screen orientation. Depending whether you want to record in portrait or landscape orientation, make sure that the screen is locked according to what you want. This prevents unnecessary screen tilts, which can also distract your audience.