Update The Software on Your Apple Watch

How to Update Your Apple Watch’s Software – 6 Steps

Apple Watch has its own operating system called Watch OS.  It is responsible the functionality, security and general operation of your timepiece- fitness tracker.  Apple also routinely updates Watch OS for upgrades and maintenance purposes.


You, on the other hand, must also know how to keep your software up-to-date to fix issues with bugs and get the most recent improvements.  Why do you have to perform the updating manually?   This is because the updates should be done through the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.  But no worries, the steps are relatively easy and wouldn’t take too much of your time.


Update The Software on Your Apple Watch
Update The Software on Your Apple Watch




  1. Charge your Apple Watch by plugging it in the charger at making sure that it’s gets at least 50% before you begin the updates. Leave it charging all throughout the update process.
  1. Next, launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone device.
  1. Choose the My Watch tab right from the bottom portion of the page and then, select General.
  1. In General menu, tap on the Software Update>>Download and Install and enter your iPhone’s passcode. By all means, agree to the Terms and Conditions by the brand.
  1. Hit the Install button on your iPhone or Apple Watch (your choice).
  1. Wait until the update is all finished then reboot your Watch once the process is finished.




  • Some of the updates take time so you may not want to perform the activity until you get home or even after dinner.
  • Charge your device during the update process to avoid interruption.
  • Check for Watch OS updates frequently to stay tuned to the latest upgrades.