How to Use Apple’s iMessage in Your Own Android Device

We all know that nowadays, technological security is a very serious issue. Due to the fact that more ways are now being discovered in order to expose people’s identities online, people are now becoming more wary and careful towards a breach. And due to the fact that messages (whether via PC or mobile) are mostly being the usual vulnerable spot or security hole in a device, Apple has come up with the solution of using end-to-end type of messaging. Needless to say, messages are being encrypted and sent to the recipient in a very fast and safest way. That’s the reason why Apple’s iMessage is being used more and more nowadays.


However, the iMessage is definitely and always be an Apple App. In order to say things clear, Android support is impossible whether in this generation or even the next. Needless to say, if you’re not an iPhone user, there’s no way you can enjoy sending messages in the most secure way. However, that’s what most people, including us experts think. The truth is, though the methods are somewhat tricky, sending encrypted message is now possible even if you’re using an Android Device, thanks to the efforts of the people behind PieMessage.


The Concept Behind PieMessage

An application that is originally developed by a programmer named Eric Chee, the PieMessage sends encrypted messages into an iPhone by means of using a Mac OS X computer, which will work as a stand-alone server. Once the Android Phone sends an encrypted message, the computer server encrypts and routes the message to the recipient iPhone. The iPhone then automatically decodes the message and then opens it just as usual. And if in case that the iPhone sends a reply, the message is then intercepted by the server, decrypted and routed before being sent to the Android device.


Due to the fact that this is only possible because of PieMessage, experts are quick to point two obvious things out. The first one is that sending messages this way is impossible if you don’t have a Mac and the other one is the fact that PieMessage is required by both the client and the server. In order to make things more understandable, PieMessage offers two different OS versions: the first being the Mac OS version while the second one is the Android OS version. And in order for encrypted messaging to become possible for Android, you must have the apps, the Mac and the Android Phone itself.