WhatsApp Voice Calls for Apple iPhone

WhatsApp Voice Calls for Apple iPhone – Leaked Details

Just last time, we released the article for enabling WhatsApp calls through Android phone rooting.  Anyway, the developers of the application are still in the process of making this feature available soon via Google Play.  Okay, let’s underline that this fact that last time’s article is intended for Android mobile users.


WhatsApp Voice Calls for Apple iPhone
WhatsApp Voice Calls for Apple iPhone

Now, another available option has been opened—this time—it’s for iPhone users.  The generous Indian iPhone user has taken screenshots to inform us that the call feature for WhatsApp is possible for iPhone handsets.  Prerequisitesnecessitate that the version of WhatsApp in iPhone is the beta version and that the iPhone is already jailbroken (term used in iPhone which also means “rooted”). Currently, the downloadable WhatsApp version circulating in the Apple Store is 2.11.16 sans the calling feature.


Opening the app in iPhone, you can notice tad alterations in the User Interface and a surprising phone icon just under the profile picture of the user.  Tap on the icon and it will bring you to dialler akin to the face of iPhone dialler.  Located just right at the bottom of the page, a “Recent” button can be tapped to reflect the latest list of call history in WhatsApp.


While you can perform jailbreaking just to gain call access on this popular messaging app, it might interest you that the legitimate feature is on its way of progress.  Testing the WhatsApp call feature is an Italian iPhone website.  They also released the video of their testing.  Even if the language is purely Italian, you can still watch the video and can make some points out of it.