Workout Application of Apple Watch

How to Use the Workout Application of Apple Watch


Apple Watch—as we all know by now—is not an ordinary timepiece that can only tell time and (or) date.  It comes with a very practical package that can be a useful tool in keeping track of your health and fitness.  No wonder that in this period of modern age, it is one of the most innovative tools clad in what modern digital has to offer.


Workout Application of Apple Watch
Workout Application of Apple Watch



To give you the round up, the Watch can perform these things:

  • monitor your exercise regime
  • track your outdoor walking and running
  • track your indoor gym activities such as using the stair stepper, rower and elliptical machine
  • monitor your indoor walking, running and stationary cycling


The report of your Apple Watch app can give ideas of your improvement and even helps you get the determination to stay fit.   Now, depending on the work out you have selected, you will be prompted by the timepiece fitness tracker into setting your goals in time, distance or calorie burn.   Just in case you still do not have the grasp of your Apple Watch App’s functions, have a rundown on the following steps:



  1. If you don’t know the look of the app, it is illustrated as a green circle icon with a man running in it. You can launch the Apple Watch app by simply tapping on it—pretty easy.
  1. You can then choose which work out you want to have on the list provided for you.
  1. Swipe left or right to select what you want to try and accomplish for your workout. You can customize the time, distance and calorie burn just as we mentioned earlier.
  1. Upon setting the goal, tap on the Start button and commence with your workout regime. Apple Watch will then give you a 3 second count down before beginning with the tracking of your movements as indicated on the particular workout you had selected.