How to Do Nail Art

Steps How to Get that Much- Coveted Nail Art Design—A Do-It- Yourself Guide

Tired of letting the nail art designers in a nail spa do their thing on your nails? Do you want to do your own nails, be creative and bask in the beauty and glory of your own accomplishment? Then you’re right in reading this article.  Here is a step-by-step, do-it-yourself guide in how to acquire your much-coveted nail art design right on your fingernails.


How to Do Nail Art
How to Do Nail Art


Basic Preparation
  • Get these materials before plunging into nail art designing.
    • Basecoat
    • Top coat
    • Nail Paints
    • Clear polish
    • Toothpick
    • French manicure sticker
  • Groom your nails by carefully contouring nails and cleaning them. They should be totally void of previous nail paint.


How to Do Nail Art
How to Do Nail Art


First Design: Colored tips.
  1. Choose two contrasting or complementary colors for your design motif.
  2. Layer fingernails with the base coat and leave it for a few moments to dry.
  3. Put French manicure sticker on your nails but freeing the nail-tips.
  4. Coat the exposed tips with the color of your choice. Use the two complementary colors alternately.
  5. Remove the sticker while the coating is still wet.


Second Design: Glamorously glittery nails.
  1. Mix glitters (your choice of color) with a clear polish and coats your nails with it.
  2. When the coating dries off, seal it with top coating.


Third Design: Go girlishly preppy with polka dots.
  1. Select your base color and dot color (or you can get different colors for your dots, too).
  2. Glaze your nails with base coloring you chose and let dry.
  3. When the base polish is dry, create dots on your nails by dipping toothpick to the paints and tapping gently on your nails. Once again, let the colored dots dry.
  4. Glaze nails with top coating.
How to Do Nail Art
How to Do Nail Art