Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity – Issues and How to Control

Obesity is running rampant worldwide nowadays.  It is even troubling with children as it is almost an epidemic rising to the young generation.  With the birth of innovative gadgets and devices, stationary positions are silently patronized in this era.  Health is being at risk when there is minimal physical activity and this is the truth with obesity.


Childhood Obesity
Childhood Obesity


Similarly, overweight kids tend not to be oblivious of the fact that they are way past their healthy weight.  Statistics shows that 70% of the overweight boys thought that their weight was normal; whereas, 80% of the overweight girls thought just the same.  Hence, this wrong assessment can be associated with their reluctance to do the necessary measures in losing the extra weight.


On the other hand, children who attained the proportional weight for their age and height were found in the families wherein their parents observe healthy lifestyle.  Meaning, proper diet and exercise are practiced by parents and followed by their kids.  These parents shape their children’s eating and exercise habits to prevent them from becoming overweight.


Here are several factors that can affect and help how children observe healthy weight:


  • Parenting Style
  • Relatively, this plays the most important role among the determining factors. Research shows that over controlling parents when it comes to the eating habits often have kids that have higher risk of becoming overweight or obese.  Meanwhile, parents who do not exert too much pressure in their children’s eating habit tend to have their kids with normal weight proportional to their height and age.


  • Eating Practice
  • Parents who prepare healthy family meals as opposed to take-outs or instant foods have healthy kids. Additionally, it was observed that families who tend to have their own gardening and prepare meals together consume more fruits and veggies than meat.


  • Exercise habits
  • When parents are physically active, their kids tend to be engaged in physical fitness, too. Remember, children often mimic what their parents do and this includes exercise as regular routine.


Childhood Obesity
Childhood Obesity