First Must-have Foods that Your Baby will Surely Love

First Must-have Foods that Your Baby will Surely Love

Most experts say that breastfeeding is still the best for babies. However, as they grow, we all know that breastfeeding might not be enough. The truth is, breastfeeding is the best when compared with milk substitutes. But when it comes to nutrition as a whole, your baby will be going to need more than just breast milk. This is the main reason why we must also feed them with not-so-solid foods.


When you say solid foods, most of us think that we must feed them the factory-made rice cereal or those bland and tasteless pureed carrots that are usually sold in glass bottles. Well…most of us can’t even take the look of those (especially the water-soaked rice cereals) so why are we forcing us babies in eating those things? Aside from the fact that the presentation isn’t really appetizing, most of these foods contain very small amount of nutrients compared to foods that most of us usually eat.

First Must-have Foods that Your Baby will Surely Love

Maybe some of you will just say that the baby’s stomach cannot break down most solid foods. That’s partly correct if you’re just referring to lean meat. However, there are other foods that a baby can digest easily, without you worrying about those negative effects.


Listed below are the foods that your baby can surely eat, and will eventually love you for it. There are lots more out there so you must take time in studying each of these foods.


  1. Avocado – Aside from being the main guacamole ingredient, Avocado or Alligator pears can be eaten by babies since it is loaded with healthy fat and a very mild taste. Just mash this one and mix a little amount of breast milk and your baby will love eating it.


  1. Sweet Potatoes – Sweet Potatoes are rich in beta-carotene, which is then converted by our bodies into Vitamin A. This Vitamin is much-needed by babies in order for them to have very good eyesight and skin complexion. You can either steam or bake these before mashing them along with some apples or peaches for additional nutrients and taste.


  1. Bananas – Studies have shown that babies nowadays learn this word before they could even say ‘Mama’ or ‘Papa’. And in the case of the fruit itself, bananas are very appealing to a baby’s taste buds while the Potassium it contains, on the other hand, is very appealing to the baby’s parents. However, always remember that too many bananas could cause constipation in babies so make sure that you make them eat this in a moderate amount.