How to Prepare Fruits and Vegetables as your Baby’s Food

How to Prepare Fruits and Vegetables as your Baby’s Food

When it comes to preparing food for babies, parents especially moms must know and always remember that they must make sure that the food they are preparing for their babies is mostly fresh. That’s the reason most of them tend to make their baby’s food homemade rather than buying the processed baby foods that are usually available in stores.


The truth is, however, if you really want to make sure that what your baby eats is truly safe, safety precautions must be carefully observed at all times even when you’re cooking the baby’s food yourself. Unknown to most parents, nitrates which are often found in most vegetables and fruits are somewhat dangerous for babies. That’s the reason why you must make sure that the vegetables and fruits that you serve are as fresh as possible.

How to Prepare Fruits and Vegetables as your Baby’s Food

Now that you’re sure that the fruits and vegetables are safe, listed below are the things that you must remember when you’re preparing those as your baby’s food:


  1. Pureed Baby Foods – Always remember that you must not forget to cook the fruits and vegetables that you’re going to use if your baby’s age is about zero to eight months. Fruits and vegetables must be steamed most of the time but you can also boil those in a little amount of water. This kind of cooking makes sure that your baby can easily digest his or her food without experiencing any kind of tummy or stomach aches.


  1. Peeling fruits and vegetables – This is the sole issue that is usually being debated by health experts most of the time. The first one says that most essential Vitamins and Nutrients are usually found in the skin while the other one points out that the benefits are somewhat minimal. In this case, it is up to you, the parent, to decide what’s better for your child.


  1. Bananas and Avocados – When it comes to preparing baby food, you can cook almost all of fruits and vegetables except these two. Even without cooking, bananas and avocados are safe to give to your baby due to the fact that they already contain a soft consistency. You can just peel the bananas and scoop the avocados out, mash and feed it to your baby. You can also put a little breast milk in order to make it softer to eat. Be informed, though, that you must not feed your baby with bananas too much since it is well-known to cause constipations in babies.