Parents Paying More Attention to Phones Hurt their Babies


Nowadays, we are now using technology in order to make our living easier and more enjoyable. As a matter of fact, technology has influence over almost everything, including us. Most of us think that utilizing the available technology to our own benefit is a good thing. However, studies show that paying attention to technology most of the time can also have potentially devastating effects.

Parents Paying More Attention to Phones Hurt their Babies
Parents Paying More Attention to Phones Hurt their Babies


Studies done by a scientific experiment in rats in California showed that ‘fragmented care’ greatly affect a baby rat’s brain, therefore leading them to experience depression during their teens. Those ‘depressed’ rats tend to live alone most of the time rather than play with their friends, who had received undivided attention from their rat parents. In order to make things short, due to the fact that they had received less care when they are still babies, it had damaged their brains so much that it had left them depressed.

You’re right in saying that rats and humans are very different. However, if you think that this ‘fragmented care’ problem won’t affect human babies, YOU’RE DEFINITELY WRONG. The truth is, just because parents nowadays are paying more attention to their calls, text messages, SnapChats, Facebook and Twitter accounts, they unknowingly cause depression in their own babies. And depression, if not monitored and cured, can eventually lead to a person’s suicide in the near future.

So if you think that you’re one of the hardworking parents who tend to finish typing your overdue work assignment for your boss rather than stop when you hear your own baby crying, kindly change your ways. Money is important in order to buy food for your baby but still, responding to your baby’s immediate needs such as undivided attention is far more important.



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