Sound Machines Recommended for Babies

Top 3 Sound Machines Recommended for Babies

Sound machines were not invented just recently.  In fact, they’ve been present for as long as we can remember, albeit they took many forms. The first form designed specifically for the babies is their mothers’ bodies.  As technology has progressed, we can now see different sound machines made for pregnant women and their babies.


We have listed some of sound machines that can be used both by mom and babe (for moms can suffer pregnancy insomnia at times).  These can help a lot to induce relaxation and aid moms to sleep better.

Sound Machines Recommended for Babies
Sound Machines Recommended for Babies



  1. Baby Shusher- The Soothing Sleep Miracle for Babies
  • The 6.1 x 3.4 x 3.4 inchesgadget has claimed fame for hushing and calming even the fussiest of babies. If you’re planning for a gift on a baby shower, this item comes highly recommended.   The machine plays loud rhythmic shushing noises that really sound relaxing even for the ‘big’ babies.


  1. Cloud b Sleep Sheep Sound Machine Soother
  • Okay, remember when we were kids (and even as adults), that we find solace and relaxation in counting sheep before sleeping? Well, now the sheep materialized in the form of this sound machine. It doubles as a stuffed toy for older kids but can always resume to its original function by simply setting the timer and sounds like heartbeat, nature sounds and music will help your babies go to sleep.


  • There are 2 timer settings for our favorite Cloud b Sleep Sheep here: 23 minutes and 45 minutes. Additionally, it comes with 8 different sounds including the ones we mentioned earlier.


  1. Cloud b Tranquil Turtle Sound Machine
  • The aqua blue coloring of this stuffed toy turtle is enough to give your baby the tranquillity he or she deserves. This toy doubles as both sound machine and light projector that gives off underwater effect on your ceiling.  No need to worry, the light is adjustable to your desired brightness and can be set into auto shut off so your double A batteries won’t be exhausted easily.