How to Train Your Child’s Taste Buds

One of the most amazing characteristics of humans is the ability to adapt.  This also applies when it comes to the sense of taste. When the taste buds cannot have the food that simply gratifies them, they learn to love the food they become familiar with.  Familiarity plays a vital role when it comes to dietary preference and this is the factor we are going to use when it comes to training your child’s taste buds.


Train Your Child’s Taste Buds
Train Your Child’s Taste Buds


Parents must remember that taste buds can be debased with excessive input of sugar and salt all day.  This is the turning point when your child wants the sweets and the chips all day.  If it is not pizza or cake, then it is not food.  However, you can help your child relearn how to eat the right kinds of foods.  Through steady substitution and wholesome choices in every food category, you can train your child’s taste buds.


With all due honesty, you can simply say that the training is not only for the child but also to you as a parent.  Children should be taught to like all the right kinds of food on the first place.  When they are constantly offered with these said foods, they learn how to eat and love them.


Evidences in taste buds’ ability to adapt can be seen worldwide.  Indian babies learn to love curry.  Korean children learn to eat and love kimchi.  Even Japanese babies grow up learning how to like raw fish.  It is not impossible that your child can also learn how to love eating vegetables and fruits.  It is actually up to you as a parent in how to train them at such an opportune time.


Studies show that maternal diet during pregnancy is actually the starting point in shaping taste preference.   It is enhanced further by the flavors from the mother’s breast milk.


Remember that you must start training your child in eating the right kind of foods as soon as possible—the younger the better.  While older once may revolt against such change, still it is never too late for it.  You should accept the challenge; after all, it is for your child’s welfare.


Feel free to research about food label literacy program that will help you how to choose the better kind of food.  For example, substituting carrots for potato chips may start resentment on the part of your kid.  You can simply swap the healthier kind of chips instead of forcing carrots into their diet.  Sometimes, it is the fault of the parents why kids resort into eating junk foods.


Also, mothers should learn how to bend recipes to accommodate healthier diet but preserves the taste and texture of the food.  Get back into basics by providing the Go, Grow and Glow groups in one meal.  There are a lot of sites that can help you with healthy but savvy recipes.  You can practically learn about food and nutrients in just a few taps.


Your child can be healthy through your initiative and help.  Bear in mind that it is never too late to introduce him or her into eating the right kinds of food.  As a parent, it is your duty to take good care of the overall being of your child.  Good luck!