What is More Expensive, to Stay Single or Not

What is More Expensive, to Stay Single or Not?

Most people say that staying single nowadays is much better than having a partner unless you’re already established. Staying single can spare you from another potential heartache, especially if you have at least two or three previous failed relationships. As others say, love isn’t just a matter of hugs and kisses.

What is More Expensive, to Stay Single or Not
What is More Expensive, to Stay Single or Not

On the emotional side, we can say that staying single will benefit you very well. However, when it comes to financial matters or expenses, being single can be downright difficult. This is due to the fact that unlike couples, you have to tackle and shoulder every single money matter alone.


Looking on the bright side, these are the things that you should do when you want to spend less and stay single at the same time:

  1. Managing your housing and rental bills – Housing and rental bills are still the most difficult financial matter for most people, especially for singles. This is because housing bills can cause quite a headache when you’re living alone. In order to prevent this, either renting a smaller space or having a roommate (make sure that he or she is of the same gender, at least) that will share the rent with you will be a good alternative.


  1. Always buy items in bulk quantities. If you’re single, buying items in such a way seems like you’ll lose your budget for the week. However, what we don’t know is that buying items in bulk or set actually helps you save a considerable amount of money rather than buying it in singles. What’s much better is that it will also spare you a large amount of time and energy to spend inside a marketplace whenever your supply runs out.


  1. Don’t forget to share some of your food. We all know that buying food in bulk quantities will help you save money. However, whether we have a refrigerator or not, foods spoil easily especially such as raw meat, fruits and vegetables. In order to prevent this, sharing some with your roommate will definitely help. Doing this will also make him or her eventually decide whether he or she wants to split food expenses with you or not.


  1. Minimize transportation costs as much as possible. Aside from the fact that you have to get used to walking most of the time, finding a rental space near your workplace will also help do the trick. This saves up a considerable amount of money that you’re going to spend for transportation, which will definitely help you effectively manage your finances more.