Things your Online Bank cannot Offer

Four Things your Online Bank cannot Offer

Most of us feel very convenient nowadays due to the fact that online banking had made almost everything easier. You can purchase any merchandise, avail services and lot more just by using your online bank account. However, there are some things (most of them are important) that your online bank cannot offer.

Things your Online Bank cannot Offer
Things your Online Bank cannot Offer


If you’re interested to know, these are the things that your online bank cannot offer:

  1. Safe Deposit Box Services – Aside from keeping your money, banks are also known to have safe deposit boxes where you can hide your valuables such as jewelry and documents for a small fee. This is quite handy especially if you have possessions that really need to be taken care of, whether you’re inside your house or not. And since shipping valuables need lots of documentation, online banks don’t offer this one.


  1. Place for keeping your coins – Well, we all know that coins have a sizable value especially when you have LOTS OF IT. Technically and legally speaking, it is NOT ADVISABLE to store your coins in your piggy bank or coin jar since it affects the overall monetary exchange rates. However, unlike your local banks, it is ILLEGAL to ship your coins to your online bank, aside from the fact that they don’t offer such services.


  1. Documentation – Even though online banks are offering a printable version of your bank transaction history, checkbooks and other bank-related documents, the services are usually difficult to obtain, especially if you’re in a different country.


  1. Personal Meetings or Appearances – This is the most impossible thing that your online bank cannot offer. Since everything is done online, the best thing that they can offer you is online support especially when you have encountered some problems regarding your online bank account.