How to Act during a Bank Robbery

Don’t be a Hero : How to Act during a Bank Robbery

If you’re fond of watching movies, it’s just common that whenever a bank robbery is in progress, a hero finally comes to save the day. Maybe you’ve already watched actors like Jean-Claude Van Damme stop the robbers by using their well-known martial arts techniques without suffering a scratch. Well, it’s a sad thing to know that movies are JUST MOVIES.

How to Act during a Bank Robbery
How to Act during a Bank Robbery


The truth is, when it comes to bank robberies or hostage taking, a hero ‘is the one who often gets other people killed’. Not only the so-called hero endangers him or her own self in the process; he or she also compromises the safety of people around him.


So what will you do whenever a robbery happens when you’re inside the bank? Well, these are the things that you should do:


  1. Obey what the robber commands you. Whether the robber shouts or passes you a note saying “A robbery is in progress; give us the money” or something to that effect, just obey. Any kind of resistance will surely get you in trouble.


  1. Look down and stay calm as possible. There’s a chance that the robbers will pay their attention to you if you’re looking at what they’re doing. If you’re going to observe, make sure that it isn’t that obvious and always make sure that you avoid staring at the robbers. And also, having a presence of mind during this situation is a must.


  1. Take notice of small details. These details can be the robber’s clothing, their direction of escape or if they possess weapons or not. It’s usually impossible to take note of their faces since they will keep it concealed as possible.


  1. Inform the police after the robbery. Right after the robbery, make sure that you have preserved the evidence. This means that you must not step into the place where the robbers have been. If you still remember some important details, you can also inform the police in order to help the investigation.