How to Live even if You don’t have a Bank Account


Let’s accept the fact that even though people are now living in a cyber age, some of them don’t own a bank account. The truth is, having a bank account nowadays is almost a basic necessity due to the fact that most transactions are being done online. However, it is still possible to do many things even if you don’t have one.

How to Live even if You don’t have a Bank Account
How to Live even if You don’t have a Bank Account

Listed here are the things that you must do in case that you don’t have a bank account:

  1. Own a Prepaid Debit Card. To those who didn’t know, a prepaid debit card works out like a credit card. The advantage of this one though, is that you can only spend up to the amount of fund that you have loaded into your card. This prevents you to commit unnecessary credits and expenses and, most of all, bank interests.


  1. Always make sure that you have available Cash. There are some business establishments that don’t accept cash but the good news is there are only a few of them in existence. This means that almost every business establishment in every country still accepts cash, which always come in handy wherever you are.


Always keep in mind, though, that just bring the right amount of cash wherever you go since having lots of cash inside your wallet can bring you some trouble.


  1. Cash-in a few checks. There are some businesses, online or offline, that offers to pay you via checking system. If you’re one of those people, you can just bring the check that was issued to you in your check writer’s bank. That means you can cash-in checks that was issued by the Bank of America into any Bank of America branches.





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