How to Stop Your Unwanted Bank Charges

How to Stop Your Unwanted Bank Charges

Nowadays, people with bank accounts usually encounter unwanted bank charges whenever they see their bank bills. The truth is, unwanted charges could be deliberate of fraudulent. It is deliberate if you have subscribed to a certain business’ service. If that’s the case, that business could have been the one who’s charging you money. On the other hand, there are also fraudulent transactions (especially online) that must have tricked you into giving them your account details. But either way, those ones are still charging you and because of this, they must be stopped.

How to Stop Your Unwanted Bank Charges
How to Stop Your Unwanted Bank Charges


These are the things that you must do whenever you face unwanted bank charges in your account:


  1. Call your bank immediately if you suspect fraudulent bank account charges. If you think that you’re an identity theft victim, you must inform your bank immediately. In this case, your bank will temporarily resolve the issue and will replace your money within 10 business days. In order to avail that protection, you must make sure that you report the fraudulent transaction within 60 days. If you fail to do that, there’s no other choice for you but to pay up what you did not owe.


  1. Contact the business establishment if they are the ones who are charging you. There are some businesses that charge their customers a monthly subscription fee for whatever service they are offering you. This is good if you’re using their services but can be downright troublesome if you’re not. If in case that you’re not using their business anymore, just send them a letter telling them that you’re stopping your subscription and request them to stop charging you. However, if they still continue on what they are doing, just inform your bank about this.


  1. Closing your bank account. If you have already done one of these things and yet, the unwanted charges are still there, you must close your bank account and open another one. This is a difficult one but, it’s way much better than paying for what you did not owe.