dna models

How to make DNA Models – 6 steps

One of the most interesting projects in a science class may be taken from your biology subject wherein you might be asked by your teacher to do a replica of DNA.  You might assume that the project may be a tricky one, but it isn’t actually.  With the right materials and the right reference found in the internet, you will be able to do your commissioned task.  Here are simple steps for you to create that DNA model.

dna models
dna models



Step One: Choose your materials.  Use candies as your base.

  • Black and red licorice (for sugar and phosphate sides)
  • Gummy bears or marshmallows (choose four colors, these will serve as nitrogenous base)
  • Toothpicks (choose the kind that have both sharp ends)
  • Strings
  • scissors


Step Two:  Begin to create.

  • Cut the strings into 1ft. long and the licorice into 1 inch long.
  • Choose your own pair of colors for C (cytosine) and G (guanine), and another pair for T (thymine) and A (adenine).
  • Take two strings and tie knot at the end. String licorice in alternate colors and tie the knot at the other end as your finish.
  • Fasten your gummy bears (or mallows) into the toothpicks, following C-G and T-A pair offs. Be sure that you leave at least ¼ inch margins at the end of both sticks.
  • Put your licorice strands on a flat surface and begin to stick in your gummy bear tooth picks to the licorice. Alternate your C-G and T-A pairs.
  • Once through with sticking in your gummy bears, twist the strands in a counter clockwise movement. Be sure that the twist you’ll be giving to your strings will look like double helix.


Step Three:  Store your finished project in a place out of your younger sibling’s reach or from insects that may take a taste of your sweet DNA strands.  Take note also of temperature of your storage room.  Be ready to prepare your project for presentation.

dna models
dna models