how to prevent kidney failure in humans

How to prevent kidney failure in humans – Steps

Any kind of disease is a big problem for humans.  One needs to take lot of medicines and take care of oneself.  Regular visits to the doctor, taking treatments can all make the patient really depressed.  One of the most common disease is the kidney disease.  Many problems can come because of kidney disease, one of the most common one is End Stage Renal Disease and Chronic Kidney Disease is another example.  These diseases are very painful and is life threatening.  Many deaths happen due to them and the count is just increasing every year.  It is always good to prevent such diseases.  Follow the following steps to prevent this kind of disease.


how to prevent kidney failure in humans
how to prevent kidney failure in humans




ü  Eat a diet low in fat and salt:  Fish, fruits and vegetables are good choice.

ü  Exercise:  A 20 minute jog every morning will do wonders.  A visit to the gym every weekend will not hurt.  One does not have to spend hours on end at the gym, but try and exercise longer period when you have good amount of time at your disposal.

ü  Have regular check up with your doctor:  It is important that you have regular check ups either half yearly or yearly.  This will keep you updated with regard to your physical condition.

ü  Avoid tobacco:  It is extremely important that you avoid tobacco.  Smoking is bad for lungs, but after the lungs kidneys get affected and it harms/damages the urinary system.

ü  Limit alcohol:  Too much of alcohol often will ruin your kidneys.  So it is important to limit the intake of alcohol.  A glass of wine during holidays and birthdays is fine.  It is best not to become an addict for the same.

Following the simple steps will prevent you from getting the kidney disease which will only harm you and you will have to take lot of medicines, regular visit to the doctor and expensive treatment.  This will leave the patient depressed and tired, while the family will always be worried about the future of the patient.  Best is to lead a healthy lifestyle


how to prevent kidney failure in humans
how to prevent kidney failure in humans