kidney Stone Problem

Kidney Stone Problem, How to take prevention

Our kidneys are known as the reddish bean-like organs that are responsible for maintaining our blood clean.  It’s not a secret that the kidneys are the primary organs in the urinary system since our elementary science and biology class defined them as such.  Our kidneys filter the blood in our system, separating blood from the extra water (H2O) and other elements including toxins that our body doesn’t need.  The wastes are eliminated as urine that will pass through the ureters to the bladder.  The urine then is stored inside the bladder until we discharge it through urination.

kidney Stone Problem
kidney Stone Problem


Not only that our kidneys expel wastes from inside our body.  They are also responsible for homeostasis, which is the ability of our body to maintain continual internal environment that is in sync to the outside environment. Kidneys also secrete hormones which promote bone marrow to make red blood cells.  They are also responsible for blood pressure and maintain calcium balance for our bones.


What happens then if our kidneys malfunction? One of the most common problems that ail our kidneys is what we call, “kidney stones” or renal stones.  These are formed when our urine holds more crystal-forming agents such as calcium, oxalate and uric acid.  When these agents are more in ratio compared to the liquid in urine, stones are formed. There are different kinds of kidney stones: (1) calcium stones; (2) struvite stones; (3) uric acid stones; (4) cystine stones; and other stones that are of rarer types.  These stones cause obstruction and thwart the secretion of urine.  This may cause pain during urination.

kidney Stone Problem
kidney Stone Problem


In order to prevent the formation of stones, ensure to do the following points:

  • Drink lots of water.
  • Reduce your sodium intake. Avoid salty foods most especially crackers.
  • Limit your diet for animal protein found in red meat, poultry, eggs and sea foods.
  • Be impartial in chocolates, spinach, tea, nuts and beets.
  • Get enough amount of calcium.