How to Make a Book Cover Design

For Beginners: How to Make a Book Cover Design

 Just like what’s written inside, a book cover design isn’t just made out just because a book needs a presentable cover. As a matter of fact, it is also conceptualized in order to gather the much-needed consumer attention. Just think of this: If you put a ghost’s picture in your book that is about vampires or werewolves, what do you think will happen? That’s the reason why book covers must be made in relation to the story itself. The truth is, an Art Director must also know the story plot before he or she starts to make a book design cover.

How to Make a Book Cover Design
How to Make a Book Cover Design


Written below are some tips that Jo Obarowski, an Art Director who works for Barnes and Noble, advises to beginners:


  1. You must start the project along with both the editor and editorial director. Before starting to make a book cover, you must discuss the matter with the publishing house’s editor and editorial director. Matters that needs discussing must include the target age market, whether photographs will be needed to put in the book and if there are specific hirings needed for that photograph, as in a food photographer for a cookbook, etc.


  1. You must consider the available budget for the book cover. Always keep in mind that the budget that the publishing house allocates in making a book cover is only limited. If the entire project can be handled in-house, then let it be. Keep the book cover’s expenses to a minimum as much as possible, without compromising its design.