Get your Book Published

How to Get your Book Published

Nowadays, there are many rising writers around the world. However, just like writing, getting your own book published by the publisher of your choice isn’t an easy task either. If you’re a writer, here are the things that you must do before you see your book get published:

Get your Book Published
Get your Book Published


  1. You must write a manuscript or a book proposal. Needless to say, how can you say that you’re a writer if you haven’t written anything? In some countries, writers must write a manuscript if they are writing under fiction genre and a book proposal if they’re writing a non-fiction story.


  1. You must hire a literary agent. Editors from publishing houses usually don’t read stories that aren’t recommended by a writing agent.


  1. You must sign a book or story contract that your publisher will provide. Once a publishing house accepts your story, they will give you a contract to sign. However, you must carefully read the terms and conditions that are listed therein before signing anything.


  1. You must familiarize yourself with the entire book-making crew. Once you agree to the publishing contract, your story will now undergo lots of things such as editing, labeling, book cover designing and promotions before you see it published in book stores. This means that you, as the writer, will have to constantly get in touch with them for further book ramifications.


  1. Wait and see how you’re your book turns out to be. You can directly affect your own book’s progress as long as it’s still in the publishing house. However, once it hits the stores, the only thing that you have to do is to wait for public opinion in regards to your published book.