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Best Softwares for Your E-book Creation

Due to its high demand and marketability, most writers and bloggers are making their own e-books nowadays. Because of this reason, e-book formats such as .mobi, .pdf, .epub and iBook are now swarming the internet. E-books can teach us many things, from technology up to housekeeping. These e-books are now being read worldwide, from teenagers and housewives up to business entrepreneurs.

Google Docs
Google Docs


If you’re a blogger or a writer who wants to earn income through writing, you must know that there are e-book creation tools that are available online, the best ones being mentioned below:


  1. Google Docs – If you’re planning to write e-books and want to save it in a pdf format, this one is for you. Aside from the fact that it can open various document formats, it is now being used widely in writing e-books. The best thing about this one is that it is very easy to use and it’s available to everyone for free.


  1. Papyrus – If you’re planning to turn your blogs into e-book with either .pdf, .mobi or .epub formats, you can use this one in writing your e-book. You can choose from its set of layouts or you can do one on your own.


  1. PublishXpress – Let’s say that you already wrote an e-book but the sad thing is, it is rather saved in .docx or pdf format. By using this e-book converter, you can turn your e-book easily in .mobi and .epub formats without any hassles.