How to Find a Wholesale Distributor for Your Retail Shop

How to Find a Wholesale Distributor for Your Retail Shop

Nowadays, you can do almost all of your transactions online whether you’re registering for a bank account or buying and selling products online. As a matter of fact, people are mostly doing their transactions online, especially if it’s possible. So if you’re in the marketing business sector, you will find it very convenient if you have an online shop set up.

How to Find a Wholesale Distributor for Your Retail Shop

Let’s say that you already have a physical shop and recently set up an online one. Just like what you’re doing with the physical one, you must master various marketing techniques, one of which is to find a wholesale supplier for your business. And you already know that when it comes to wholesale, the more products you are going to buy, the more profits you’re going to have. That’s the main reason why we are doing business, isn’t it?


So if you’re still new to this marketing technique, listed below are the things that you must do and remember whenever you are trying to find a wholesale distributor for your retail shop or business:


  1. Research and study your market’s distribution channels. If you already have some business basics, you must have known that before you promote and sell some products, you must have both the market and the supply. The market that you’re going to target means nothing if you don’t have the supplies and vice-versa.


  1. Go to the product manufacturer first. When it comes to selling and trading products, you can freely control and gain profits if you can get your supplies directly from the manufacturer itself. Needless to say, the product that you’re going to avail will be much cheaper especially if you avail it wholesale.


  1. Contact the wholesale suppliers of the product if direct access to the manufacturer isn’t available. Let’s just say that somehow, you can’t possibly do business with the product manufacturer itself because it is located in a different country and you can’t afford to pay the shipping costs. If that’s the case, look for the local suppliers of that product near your location. Once done, you can contact those and ask for their retail requirements.


  1. Join the specific Industry Groups and Forums online. Since you’re just new to this kind of business, it’s necessary for you to find your business contacts in regards to your industry. This is actually needed, due to the fact that most businesses only share their information within the group itself.


  1. Gather all of the available information concerning the market you’re into. When it comes to business, it’s much better if you know everything concerning your industry. This means subscribing to business publications in both print and online and attending market trade shows. In this way, you can easily predict your market and own business growth.