How to Build a Brand

How to Build a Brand—Easy and Practical Steps for Your Business

How else do you think brands like Chanel, Apple, Colgate, Sony and other brands in their own respective fields made it into their position and “brands” up to this date, even equating their names into the very products they sell.  For example, a child asks his mom for “Colgate” instead of saying “toothpaste.”  Isn’t it flattering to know that your brand sticks to somebody else’s subconsciousness?


How to Build a Brand
How to Build a Brand


Surely, these powerful companies have a trick or two up their sleeve in order to attain what they have au courant.  The people behind these enigmatic business establishments have these basics: mission, vision, connection and originality.  So if you’re just starting up your own venture, how to do realize these four factors and make your own brand?


How to Build a Brand
How to Build a Brand


  1. Create your own tagline or slogan that easily depicts the spirit of your business. Choose something that you know would stick to people’s minds.  Clearly state your mission and message in your slogan, and make it very concise yet simple.  Something that a child would easily memorize.  Remember that children are great endorsers.


  1. Get a worth-remembering logo. Invest on this area of creativity. Example, design (or hire a designer for) your own logo which say’s a lot to branding your business.  Your logo is the very first face of your business, not your models.  If you want you can involve your employees, you might be surprised how well they love and believe your company and business.


  1. Get testimonials from your customers. Gain this by satisfying your customers and meeting their needs.


  1. Implement surveys and be critical with results. Know more about the opinions of the people who avail your product or service. You will know more and can even get ideas from them.


  1. Endorse your brand. Execute your marketing scheme and advertise. While TV and radio ads are still expensive, introduce your product through social media. Create your website, too.


  1. Exercise goodwill. Goodwill determines your staying power in the industry you confidently ventured. Whilst all else is business, have a heart to the very people who patronize your company: your employees and customers.