Lose Your Customers the Easy Way

How to Lose Your Customers the Easy Way

If you have a business, we all know that it’s important for us to have customers, especially loyal ones. When it comes to business, loyal customers are a must-have. However, due to the fact that most businessmen encounter nasty, outrageous and unpleasant customers, some of them usually forgot that these people also supports their business in a very basic but most effective way. Always remember that whether loyal or not, customers are very important.

Lose Your Customers the Easy Way
Lose Your Customers the Easy Way

If you have a business or a company, listed below are easy ways to lose your customers, ways that you must remember in order to prevent problems, especially customer loss, in the near future:


  1. Putting Poorly-Trained Personnel in Action – Most customers usually like to deal with the same personnel or staff whenever they buy something, staff that is definitely trained in the business they’re involved in. Needless to say, car customers tend to make deals with a salesclerk who knows what he or she is selling. In other words, putting poorly or undertrained staff will drive both loyal and potential customers away.


  1. Restricting Operating Hours in an Unreasonable Way – It’s only normal for business to restrict operating hours as long as it’s somewhat reasonable. However, there are times that restricting operating hours become unreasonable. A very good example is that a doctor works for only for two days per week. This is unreasonable, due to the fact that doctors tend to work at least four or five times a week, depending on the availability and frequency of doctors in a clinic or hospital.


  1. Unprofessional Looks and Conduct – You must make sure that your staff or personnel looks and acts professionally, depending on the business you have. Needless to say, your employees’ uniforms must somehow adapt to your business in a very presentable and effective way. A good example is that if you have a food-related business, you must make sure that your staff uses gloves, masks and aprons, especially those who are in charge of foods.


  1. Making Customers feel Unimportant – Customers are an important asset when it comes to business so it’s a very important thing to remember that you must always prioritize them. Once a customer feels unimportant because of some things that you and your staff failed to do, you will not just lose them; they can also ruin your business as well.