How to Sell your Products to Distributors

How to Sell your Products to Distributors

If you have a small business, you must have already known how important it is that there is someone around to distribute your products. This is the reason why distributors are needed in order for a business to expand. Having the product and the target market is nothing if you don’t have a product distributor in the first place.

How to Sell your Products to Distributors

Nowadays, product distribution can be exclusive or not, depending on the agreement between the distributor and the manufacturer itself. Whether it’s exclusive or not, you must make sure that you choose a distributor that is experienced when it comes to your business. However, when it comes to this, expert distributors are nonetheless very hard to convince, especially if you’re just starting and your business is small.


Listed below are the things that you must do in order to sell your products to the distributor/s of your choice:


  1. Make sure that you have a market objective. Product distributors are convinced if they know that those whom they are talking with has a definite strategy in his or her mind. If you want to expand locally, you must make sure that you connect yourself with local distributors who have experience in your trade or sector. If you want to expand internationally, on the other hand, make sure that you look for distributors who have marketing outlets inside your target territory.


  1. Make a background check/ research for potential distributors. You can also do some research if you’re going to look for potential distributors who have no definite experience in your trade or business. Make sure that you check out their distribution areas, the kinds of products that they are selling and companies that they are working with.


  1. Present your products. Before you can convince distributors to pay attention to your products, keep in mind that you must convince them first that your products are marketable. This means making the appropriate product presentations, which can be done by your business or company’s marketing representative.


  1. Help your distributors sell your products. In order for your business to have a long-lasting relationship with your distributor, you must make sure that you are going to help them promote your products. This can be done in the form of marketing incentives such as product discounts, marketing rebates and the like. You can also give incentives to your product distributors through lessened wholesale prices and higher product discounts.