Pet store business

How to Start a Pet store business, Animal Business

Pet caring businesses are now gaining popularity as more and more people are into buying hybrid and expensive dog for pets.  So, if you’re thinking of putting up a lucrative kind of business, then consider a business of Dog Sitting.  This business won’t require much budget since it could be run on a Sole Proprietorship basis.


Pet store business
Pet store business


Once you’re convinced that you’re into this Dog Sitting Business, start by having an inventory of your available resources.  Here are some things you had to consider preparing before you can actually start.


Business Site

The very first thing that you must consider in putting up a Dog Sitting Business is the location of your business.  When I talk about location, this includes the area, the capacity, the safety and security.  Like for instance, you cannot have your business in a limited space or in a place where it could pose a hazard to the community or other people. You must always consider safety and security of others before you can come up with this kind of business.


Additional Manpower

Though I had said before that this is a Sole Proprietorship that pertains to managing the entire business operation.  You don’t need someone to meddle up with your business affairs to get you going.  However, it is more likely that you will need an assistant or worker to do the physical tasks.  Prefer to hire a man for this position. He is more likely to benefit you in the actual physical caring of dogs.  However, if you are a man, I mean not a lady huh! Then you can start doing it by yourself at the start.


License and Permits

Before you can start operating for your Dog Sitting Business, you had to know or make a search on How to Get a License or Permit for Your Business.  You can get this information through your internet or you can go to your Local Government Unit or agencies involved with the regulation of businesses and animal husbandry.  Business Permit and License will secure your business in its operation.


Bank Account

Always set up a bank account for any new business.  Remember the basic accounting principle to look at your business as a unique and a separate entity.  Unique in a sense that you can’t combine your business assets, liabilities and capital with that of your family or other businesses.  With a separate bank account to take a record of all your business transactions, you will see if your business is gaining profit or losing.



Getting Insurance is also one way to secure you and your business in case something will happen to any of the dogs under your custody.  Be reminded that those pets given under your care are expensively bought by their owners and you are expected to take care of them alive.  So in cases that this proves to be impossible, you have an insurance that will take care of its loss.  Try to inquire or contact local insurance in your vicinity if there is one.  If none, you had to go over the need to do this.  Make sure that the Insurance Company is legitimate before you enter into a contract with them.


Promotional Tools

Any business needs promotion especially when it is a start up.  You can start spreading the word to your neighborhood since they are likely to be your first customers.  Goodwill is a must in this kind of business so always take care of you or your business reputation,


Creating a Website for your Promotion is also an important idea to confer with. 

Make sure that your website carries the kind of trademark that you want to create in your industry.  The design, logos, profile and appearance in your website must evoke a character of being animal-friendly.


Putting Up a Signage

A signage that bears your company name will help you establish a business profile in your local community and beyond, your website will take over.


Recording System and Documentation

Setting up a proper recording and documentation system for your business is very important.  Here you will need your administrative skill.  You must have an organized record bearing profile and data of every dog or pets that you will take in.  In addition, be sure to have detailed information of their owners as well.  This will also provide you security in case of occurrences of some criminal acts in relation to those pets.  Who knows?  In business, no one can tell when something suddenly arises from out of the blue.


Network Affiliations 

Joining some local or international organizations that will be beneficial to your business or greatly relevant to the kind of services you are offering is highly recommended.  Through them you will be regularly updated with events, new developments and new offers that could be fulfilling to you as a new entrepreneur.  Join pet lovers clubs, groups and associations as they will help expand your business.  Members of these groups will be a potential market for you.


Aside from group affiliations, try to tie up you business with a veterinary to help you.  You could refer customers to him and he in turn will do the same for you.  Do the same thing with suppliers of dog food, supplements, grooming materials and anything related to pets care.  In short, expand your network for more opportunities .This is one great way to expand your business.


Start with the Business Proper

Finally, you are now ready to launch your Dog Sitting Business.  You can invite neighbors, friends, and potential customers on your Opening Day.  You may give away inexpensive gifts to remind them of your business.  Once you had start it up, always be ready to give everyone, customer or not, a friendly smile to welcome them.  Anyone can be a potential customer later on at their own time.


Once you had started it, be ready to keep your cool and calmness at all times.  After all, customers aren’t always right!


Pet store business
Pet store business