Love to be known and no more anonymous on Facebook

Social media is happening as it suits your requirement and your to an extreme. As all the users of Facebook may or may not know earlier Facebook was customized on demand and gave users a privilege to hide their names from public search. Those who were in need of strict privacy could log on to Facebook but be known only to those whom they wanted to interact with. This was basically built for those who wanted to be secure of complete privacy and wanted to opt out their names from Facebook public search field. Now this feature of Facebook to be partly known to world and partly hidden will no longer be available on Facebook has recently projected to remove the search privacy. The timeline on Facebook demonstrates all activities done by the user may it be status update, photo uploads, comments etc. Facebook will be shortly removing the search privacy from the personal timeline of all users. And it is not something new, Facebook has done it earlier too but under the veil.

Love to be known and no more anonymous on Facebook.
Love to be known and no more anonymous on Facebook.

Mutely Facebook has been removing the privacy option “who can look up your timeline by name” from past year only for those who were not applying it to their accounts. If one is the user of this privacy option so far they might receive an alert on their account regarding this new change. why Facebook has taken this step is to let the users get the most understanding of the Facebook graph search. The context got created when Facebook was just a limited social directory of people. The setting done didn’t forbid people from sailing the timeline of an user and one could easily get through it be searching your name in news feed or thorugh the contact list of a common friend. With advanced features one can easily search by using Facebook search graph of a person living in a particular location. With all this happening on social media where almost all your important information lies it has rather become more important to have a setting letting you control the privacy of things you share.
Is there still any way to keep my identity hidden on Facebook?

Unfortunately there is no way to keep things hidden in Facebook terms and conditions as it requires you to provide your real name and information when you register initially. Still there are a couple of ways to get that much required privacy fulfilled to some extent . A user can try and control the visibility of your future posts. Go on Facebook if are an user and click the option “who can see my stuff” , and opt out “ Privacy Shortcuts” and to be sure of privacy let only your close friends be accessible to your updates.
For historical posts one can also need to control the privacy section. One can change the audience setting for all your past posts. And for doing this one needs to route to regular privacy settings available on gear icon at the extreme right corner of the screen. And if one wish to review the past posts then one will have to go through pain of scrolling and going on case to case basis. If one wants everything all posts, all photos, all updates be visible only to friends there is a shortcut to it – click “ Limit Past Posts in the settings option and one can freeze from viewing what you have shared with your friends.