Shutter Speed in camera

Tips and Bits of Information in Selecting Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is something most of us do not understand, so we often overlook this camera feature.  After all, we just want to snap ourselves with good sceneries and produce evidences of our lovely adventures.  That’s how wrong we can be for shutter plays vital role if you want to catch more creative photos in action.


Shutter Speed as Explained

Using your camera (you got a DSLR? good!) scroll through the different menus until you come up with the shutter speed.  You may notice about the different modes or sceneries and this is where shutter speed comes into action.  Lower shutter speed is used when you are snapping ‘night scene mode,’ ‘night landscape mode’ or ‘fireworks mode.’  On the other hand, active sceneries like when you are taking photos during a game entail you to put your shutter in a fast speed.  ‘Sports scene mode’ is the best example for fast shutter speed.

Shutter Speed in camera
Shutter Speed in camera


Using Fast Shutter Speed

As mentioned, you can use fast shutter speed when capturing active scenes.  This is due to a fact that you need to “freeze” the moments which were normally set in fast-paced live action.  Ever wonder why you produce blurry pictures when you snap on your child running, jumping or moving?  Shutter speed plays a vital role when it comes to this detail.


Further, this type of shutter speed may be a little troublesome to use.  You need a lot of light when shooting using fast shutter speed. You may need to find a better location where the light is adequate so you can capture good images.


Using Slow Shutter Speed

You are required to put your shutter speed in slower pace when low quality of light is present in a particular scene.  Notice that the modes mentioned earlier have a common factor: low light.  Slow shutter allows enough light to penetrate the image sensor and give it time to record an image.


Using your camera flash will just limit your usage of the shutter speed as the flash should be in sync with the shutter speed. You may find ‘freezing’ the action tad difficult simply because you cannot use the shutter speed to dally with the performance of the flash.