Why Does Alcohol Increase Your Urination

Why Does Alcohol Increase Your Urination?

Alcohol Drinkers know and experienced loads of times that the more they drink alcohol, the more they use the bathroom in order to pee. That’s the reason why that when somebody plans to have a party, they usually make sure that their water closets or potties are clean and in order.

Why Does Alcohol Increase Your Urination
Why Does Alcohol Increase Your Urination


Since alcohol is a well-known diuretic, it certainly makes you urinate more. This happens because it surpasses the kidney’s anti-diuretic hormone (ADH), therefore making the drinkers urinate more. It means that the more you drink, the more you pee. However, the quantity of your urine is affected by the quantity of water in your body. Therefore, if you’re somehow dehydrated before drinking alcohol, your urine is definitely lesser. And in addition to that, diarrhea, vomiting and increased perspiration makes you more dehydrated.


Most people are asking the question: Can you reduce the effect of Alcohol? Well, the answer is definitely and will always be yes. If you drink water along with your alcohol or beverages such as softdrinks mixed in your alcoholic drink, the diuretic effect of alcohol is reduced by half. That means that you’ll experience less dehydration and, the less your dehydration, the less the effects of your hangover will become. Other factors, such as adding mixers or ice in your drink helps lessen hangover, but don’t expect that you will not experience headache or dizziness the next morning.


Take note also that increasing your fluid intake also increases your urination. It’s also worth noting that no matter how many water you add to your beer, the net effect will always be dehydration. And also, each shot of alcohol makes it harder for your kidneys to return that water to your organs and bloodstream.


Many people are asking whether if they can still live even if the only liquid they are drinking is alcohol. It’s possible as long as you eat some food, which also contain some water. However, if you can’t sustain yourself with food or any rehydrating agent, you’ll surely die of dehydration.