AMCAS medical

AMCAS : How to Get Yourself into Medical School

If you’re serious in getting yourself into a medical school—a US medical school in particular, you have to consider some points aside from the finances.  You are obligated to perform a coursework, take MCAT, accomplish AMCAS application, complete secondary applications in medical schools and face interviews at the medical schools you have in your list.

AMCAS medical
AMCAS medical


In the US, almost all medical schools make use of AMCAS application as their initial screening for the applicants.  Interested students can download the application form from AMCAS website.  Otherwise you can ask your premed advisor for the copy of the AMCAS application form.


Generally, the application for AMCAS is open in December of every year.  However, deadline for the submission of application may vary from school to school and their programs.  The Early Decision Program deadline is every August but many schools ask their aspiring students to submit their applications from October to December.


To help you with your schedule, you can start working on your application before you take MCAT in April.  Bear in mind that the medical schools require your MCAT scores before processing your AMCAS application.  Thus, if you wait for the August MCAT, your application will not be processed until the scores were reflected in the month of November.


In order to finish your application, you will need access to a computer.  You will also have to settle your finances but if you’re financially, challenged you will have to get proof of your insufficiency in financial resources.  Also prepare your unofficial transcripts for your reference, the ability to send official transcripts and—of course—the MCAT scores.  Remember not to leave any questions unanswered and you need to maximize the use of available space.


Additionally, you must have to prepare your Personal Statement.   Under this, you are given the opportunity to explain your dilemmas in connection with your application but make sure that the overall tone used in this section is a positive tone.  Maximize your output using the computer applications like word processor, grammar and spelling checkers.  Ask for someone else’s opinion about your composition, especially that of your premed advisor’s.


Finally, if you deem your application to be at its best, then submit it.  It will be sent to the medical schools you have chosen.  Be prepared to receive secondary applications sent to you by the schools who are interested in your application.  Relax, believe in yourself and best wishes!