Flaming Gel

How to Make Flaming Gel – 6 Steps

Brownouts still exist even in the most developed countries.  In such emergency cases, you can immediately get the flaming gel that’s relatively safer than regular fuel.  Fuel can spill out and spread fire and can release harmful gases if burnt inside a room with no ventilation.  This makes the flaming gel more preferable and a part of your stockpile.


Flaming Gel
Flaming Gel


You will need three common household ingredients to make a flaming gel.  In simple do-it-yourself steps, you can be able to make this fire chemistry project at home.




  • Vinegar (weak acetic acid)
  • Antacid tablets, 1000mg calcium carbonate/ tablet
  • Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl)- 90% or higher



  1. Crush and pulverize at least 5 antacid tablets.
  1. Stir 10 teaspoon (or 50ml) vinegar with powder to make slurry.
  1. Let the slurry to undergo evaporation process until it is less than half of its original volume that could take for as long as 24 hours. However, if you accidentally evaporate all the water, you can restore the slurry by adding a small amount of water.
  1. Get a container that could hold double the amount of the slurry you have.
  1. During the stirring process, slowly add slurry to the alcohol to form a thick gel. Note that you have to do this step slowly as the mixture will liquefy if you add too much slurry.  Once you already have gel, don’t put any more of the calcium tablet slurry.
  1. Finally, scoop up a ball (or you can put it into a glass container) and fire it up.