How to Learn Periodic Table – 4 Steps


A chemistry student may face the dilemma of memorizing the periodic table of elements.  Admit it… simply looking at the table itself is quite intimidating.  But just think of this old motivational mantra: “If others can, then I can.”  For students who are not a big fan of the chemistry subject or for those who need help in memorizing the table, here are some tips for you:


How to Learn Periodic Table
How to Learn Periodic Table


  1. For starters, obtain a copy of the Table of Elements.
    • Get a colorful copy of the table of elements since color-coding will be helpful for memorization.


  1. Categorize sections to help you memorize as per section.
    • There are available pamphlets of the Periodic Table that already have their own color-coding. If you think this kind will help you better, then by all means purchase it.
    • If you want to make your own assignment of colors, get a periodic table without the color-coding. This will allow you to set your own coding.


  1. Give this memorization a slot in your schedule.
    • Be faithful in memorizing this ahead of time. This will access your long-term memory instead of the mere short-term memory.


  1. Use different kinds of approach in memorizing.
    • You can memorize the elements using a song. You can be an original and compose your own song or you can simply surf through Youtube and look for the composition of others.
    • You can memorize the elements using color coding. You can assign color coding as per family or section of elements.
    • You can memorize the elements using mnemonic device. Make a memorable phrase using the first letters or the abbreviation of elements.


  • Example: Handsome Hesiod Lives Beyond Borders, Catches Nymphs OForests.
  1. H : Hydrogen
  2. He : Helium
  3. Li : Lithium
  4. Be : Beryllium
  5. B : Boron
  6. C : Carbon
  7. N : Nitrogen
  8. O : Oxygen
  9. F : Fluorine
How to Learn Periodic Table
How to Learn Periodic Table



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