Burning Pinecones

How to make Colored Fires when Burning Pinecones

Want to make colorful fires when burning those dry pinecones during your camp fires? Colored pinecone fires are easy to make, as long as you have one important household chemical in your possession.


Burning Pinecones
Burning Pinecones


What You Will Need 

  • Dry Pinecones
  • Boric Acid (often sold as a household disinfectant)
  • Isopropyl Alcohol or Ethanol (optional)


What to do with Those

There are two different but easy-to-do directions in order for you to make pinecone fires colorful.


Option #1 – Sprinkle a small amount of Boric Acid into dry pinecones. You can also put a small amount of alcohol before burning it. This makes the pinecone fire colorful.


Option #2 – You can dissolve the Boric Acid (just a small amount of it) in a little water or alcohol. Soak the pinecones in the solution then allow it to dry.


As an addition to your colored fire, you can add some good scent into your pinecones by adding a small amount of cinnamon oil or potpourri fragrance in the solution. The fire will surely emit a very good scent.

Even though Boric Acid is available and can be easily bought from markets, always make sure that you are extremely careful when it comes to handling it. Clinical Tests show that ingesting or swallowing Boric Acid can cause vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and stomach pain. Make sure also that while you are doing this project, there are no children around you that can get this household chemical, especially when you’re not looking.