X-Ray and Metal Issue

The Truth behind X-Ray and Metal Issue

Do you wonder why are metal objects being prohibited inside the X-Ray Room? Most people think that somehow, metal objects will become ‘radioactive’ when penetrated by X-Rays. As a matter of fact, this ‘radioactive metal’ issue is not true.


X-Ray and Metal Issue
X-Ray and Metal Issue


X-Rays, as we know, are being used mainly by doctors in order to check our bodies (internally) for problems such as bone fractures, lung damages, etc. When a patient goes inside the X-Ray room, the radiologist checks him or her for possessions of any metal objects. The real issue isn’t that ‘radioactive’, though. Since metal objects are known to block anatomy imaging, it somehow makes the Radiologists’ work more difficult. In an X-Ray view, metal objects usually appear as bright objects, therefore causing obstructions in the overall visibility of an area that is being examined.


People with metal implants, especially with metal braces in their arm or leg areas, as we know, needs an X-Ray, in order to determine whether his or her bones are already healed or not. In this case, people with internal metal implants must inform their doctors about their case before taking their X-Ray examinations in order for those to inform the attending radiologist about the matter. In that case, the Radiologist often position patients in an angle that will view the area of interest in the best possible way.


In the case of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) however, is an entirely different matter. Metal objects are strictly prohibited inside those rooms in order for the MRI Machines not to attract metal objects (magnets attract metals, mind you) during the patient’s examination process.