How Can You Accept and Cope up with your Autism?

To those who didn’t know, Autism is a kind of mental disability. However, autism isn’t same with mental insanity so there’s no need for ‘normal’ ones to keep out of their reach. If it isn’t very obvious, being disabled either physically or mentally can be somewhat devastating, especially if those around you don’t know how to deal with this kind of situation.



If you’re one of those people who experience this kind of disability, be informed that you can definitely deal with this situation more than what others can do for you. Listed below are the things that you must remember and do in order for you to cope up with your own autism:


  1. You must learn about your Autism’s strengths. Even though being autistic is a kind of problem, it definitely isn’t all about weakness. The truth is, those who have mental autism also tend to be blessed with lots of exceptional talents. Depending on your character, these talents can be utilized to your own advantage, given that those talents are used properly. To those who didn’t know, Albert Einstein, the world-famous scientist and genius, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a child prodigy when it comes to music, are both autistics. Needless to say, it only depends on your approach whether being an autistic is an advantage or not.


  1. You must learn more about Autism’s positive behavioral Characteristics. Even though those who have autism tend to find comfort in their own created world just like gifted children, scientific research has proved that those who have it tend to have deep passionate interests, exceptional visual intelligence, creativity and very unique kind of mental perspective. They are also very responsible, helpful and rather focus on very small details rather than the big picture, which most people tend to look at.


  1. You must know and learn more about your Special Personal Interests. Knowing your points of interest will definitely help you cope up with autism aside from having a positive kind of approach towards it. It is very helpful to know that autistic persons tend to have photographic memories, which can make them memorize interesting facts along with lots of focus. These abilities can somehow make them into a walking encyclopedia or dictionary, depending on what information they have. This some makes the ‘somewhat normal’ people very jealous of their abilities.


  1. Don’t forget to read the Social Model of Disability. To those who didn’t know, the social model of disability isn’t about the disabled at all; it’s all about those normal people or society that failed to accept and accommodate a natural variation, therefore blaming the disabled person’s disability as a whole.