Save an Victim of Child Abuse

How to Save an Victim of Child Abuse – 5 Different Ways

Despite the advancement of our civilization, we are still taken aback by notorious reports of inhumanity.  One of the most rampant is the issue of child abuse.According to, approximately five (5) children die every day because of abuse, with 1 out 3 girls and 1 out of 5 boys being sexually abused even before they reach the age of 18.

Save an Victim of Child Abuse
Save an Victim of Child Abuse


Child abuse comes in many forms: Physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical neglect and emotional neglect.  If you’re a silent witness to this kind of abuse, won’t you make a stand?  Would you continue to stay silent and let abusers tarnish the gentle souls of these children.  Here are several ways you can do to help save an abused child’s life:


  1. If you’re a neighbor, contact the local authorities right away. These authorities could be the police or child protection agencies.  In the US, they have the 911 hotline; so if you’re living outside the states, know the hotline for reporting cases of violence.


  1. If you’re a teacher who notices the child’s absence or suspicious bruises, talk with the head teacher or principal and visit your student’s home.


  1. If you’re the friend of the abused, be a friend by telling your parents or your teacher about what’s going on with your friend.


  1. If you’re a family to the abused child, don’t just witness the violence. Report the abusers to the authorities and be active in reaching out to the abused.


  1. If you’re the mother or father of the abused child, make a stand and get your child out of the environment where he or she is abused. You are the parent and if there’s one person who should make a stand, it must be you.



Saving the child from the actual abuser doesn’t stop when the abuser is caught.  Sometimes, mending the broken pieces is much more difficult.  Let the abused one know that he’s not alone and that you’re a friend that could help him.  Lend your support, friendship and love for this act can help him more.