Best Ways to Take Care of Your Jeans

Best Ways to Take Care of Your Jeans

Just like other clothes, buying jeans is a worthwhile investment, especially if you’re buying the best ones out there. However, just like other clothes, jeans are also prone to wear-and-tear system, which can be somewhat accelerated if you don’t know how to take good care of it.

Best Ways to Take Care of Your Jeans
Best Ways to Take Care of Your Jeans


Listed below are the things that you must remember especially when you’re washing out your favorite jeans:

  1. Add some salt and vinegar to your wash – Most of us didn’t know that adding salt and vinegar prevents your jeans from bleeding or losing its color in a rapid way. Since your jeans are prone to bleeding the first very first time you wash it, adding this simple solution will definitely save your jeans’ color during the laundry.


  1. Try Hand-Washing your jeans – Even though hand-washing is time-consuming, it is very important thing to consider especially when you are washing your favorite jeans. Not only will hand-washing save its color; it will also make your jeans last much longer.


  1. Wash your jeans in a less frequent way – Unlike other kinds of clothes, you don’t actually need to wash your jeans frequently since they don’t catch dirt and stains that easily. However, not washing your jeans at all is an entirely different matter.


  1. Just spot clean your jeans for isolated stains – Whenever your favorite jeans get stained, you still don’t have to wash it whole. You can just do some spot cleaning and then hand it outside to dry for a while. Using that technique will make your jeans last longer.


  1. Don’t forget to read garment tags before washing your jeans – Nowadays, different kinds of fabric are now being used when making jeans, fabrics that somehow needed specific care in order to last longer. That means that a certain care must be exercised whenever your jeans have it. Needless to say, not all jeans can be loaded up safely inside your washing machine.


  1. Don’t forget to sort out your jeans when washing – Taking care of your jeans is also like taking care of the rest of your clothes. Needless to say, you must sort out your jeans according to their color before attempting to wash them. Try to separate the jeans that lose colors easily from those that don’t.


  1. Hand your jeans out in the sun to dry – To those who didn’t know, the worst enemy of jeans is none other than the clothes dryer. As much as possible, do not use clothes dryer when drying out your favorite jeans, unless you want its fabric to weaken rapidly.