How to Create a Gumball Machine Costume for the Halloween – 8 Steps

If you want something colorful yet simple, fun but economical, you may consider making a gumball machine costume.  Even beginners in making costumes can find this project easy.


Gumball Machine Costume for the Halloween


To begin with, you must acquire the following materials first:


  • Red T-shirt
  • White beanie
  • Stiff felt paper (black and white)
  • A pair of scissors
  • 1 ¼ inch pom-poms (90 and has primary colors)
  • 2-inch Iron-on numbers
  • Glue gun
  • Iron



  1. Make the 25 cents symbol for your T-shirt, by cutting numbers 2 and 5 individually from their iron-on background.
  2. Next, put the numbers on top of the white felt paper and position them at the bottom left-hand which should be 1.5 inches from the edge.
  3. With the cotton setting on your iron (which is about 200°C), put firm and even pressure on both numbers. You can refer to the instruction on the packaging of the iron-on numbers.
  4. You can make the ₵ symbol by cutting out numbers 0 and 1. Set the finished ₵ symbol after 25 and iron out.
  5. Trim the felt, observing half inch border around 25₵.
  6. Place the trimmed 25₵ sign against the black felt using hot glue. Again, trim half an inch black felt border around the white felt.
  7. With your hot glue, stick the 2525₵ sign in front of the red t-shirt.
  8. Now, stick the pompons on the white beanie using hot glue. Make sure that the pompoms are securely glued on the beanie. You can complete the ensemble by wearing jeggings or jeans and playing bubble gum while trick-o-treatin’.