How to Identify and Define your own Signature Personal Colors

How to Identify and Define your own Signature Personal Colors

Nowadays, fashion trends are usually being followed and popularized by people, especially women. And since fashion trends are being updated at least four times a year (due to four seasons), people are now learning what dressing style and color that is going to suit their taste and personality.

How to Identify and Define your own Signature Personal Colors

Colors and Personality

If in case that you don’t know, a certain dress color affects a person’s overall look. These colors could somehow affect your overall look in addition to the style of the dress itself. However, these colors are also affected by factors such as the wearer’s personality. That’s the reason why some colors look great on some people while the same color looks weird on the other one. And since looks are definite criteria for judging nowadays, it’s very necessary that you must know the color that suits your personality.


Identifying and Defining Your Personal Colors

Depending on your attitude, identifying your signature colors can be somewhat easy or hard, though there’s definitely no doubt that knowing this is a necessity. Listed below are the tips on how to define and identify your personal signature colors:


  1. The Trial and Error Method – Being the perfect method of identifying which color will fit you, you will need to do some serious experiments. Needless to say, going to the nearest boutiques and trying a few dresses is very necessary. This can be somewhat achieved while you’re out shopping with your closest and trustworthy friends.


  1. Picking your neutral colors – Finding the right color that suits you is a very difficult task, especially if you don’t know your neutral colors. To those who didn’t know, neutral colors are colors that don’t look great but don’t make you look ugly at the same time. Once you know your neutral shades, it will be somewhat easy for you to identify the right color.


  1. Consider the feelings you emit while wearing a certain color. When it comes to choosing signature colors, it’s also necessary for you to consider your feeling while wearing it. If a color makes you look awkward or weird, you must change it. If the dress color makes you feel great and beautiful, then you must definitely buy it.


  1. Do some serious mixing and matching. Since colors are known to depend on its wearer’s personality, chances are that the combinations will become endless. However, this is a worthwhile experiment. It’s your own personality, after all.