How to Wear and Style Cropped Jeans for the Whole Year

How to Wear and Style Cropped Jeans for the Whole Year

Wearing cropped jeans nowadays is often considered as a part of women’s summer outfit in the U.S. These tight and short jeans often suit American women’s taste because of the comfort and ease of movement it gives. However, most women think that wearing cropped jeans other than summer time will surely make them look awkward. However, what most women didn’t know is that cropped jeans can be worn along with other dresses as well. Not only will it make them look fashionable; it can also make them more creative due to the fact that when it comes to cropped jeans, mix-and-match possibilities are almost endless.

How to Wear and Style Cropped Jeans for the Whole Year


Listed below are some of the well-known combinations that make wearing cropped jeans fashionable even after summer:


  1. The Twiggy-inspired Cropped Jeans and Blazer Combination – Whenever you’re going on a stroll with your friends during weekends, you can either wear your vintage-inspired cropped jeans with a plain white t-shirt along with a formal blazer and a pair of leather shoes. This is especially recommended for skinny women who wanted to have that fresh and stylish look.


  1. The Cropped Jeans and Leather Jacket Combination – If you think that wearing leather shoes during weekends make you feel somewhat awkward, you can wear match your cropped jeans along with a leather jacket and a pair of sneakers. Just make sure that you wear a plain leather jacket unless you wanted to look like you’re attending a rock concert.


  1. The Cropped Jeans and Cardigan Combination – There’s no easier combination other than your loyal cardigan and cropped jeans whenever you want to go out with some of your friends. The combination looks best especially if you wear a white undershirt and a pair of velvet shoes. And don’t ever forget that leather bag.


  1. The Cropped Jeans and Pastel Blazer – A pastel-colored blazer along with a white t-shirt, sneakers, shades and a white leather bag will definitely impress your boyfriend’s parents, if in case that you have one. This outfit looks best whenever your boyfriend asks you for a date, especially during weekends.


  1. Oxford Shirt and Ankle Jeans Combination – An ankle jean is still a kind of cropped jean, though it is tighter around the ankles. Whenever you go to your office, you can even start an office trend by wearing your ankle jeans with your favorite oxford shirt. Make sure that you wear that high-heeled office shoes and a matching office bag for more formal look.