For Women: Clothing Brands that are Always On Sale

Women tend to buy clothes most of the time, even if they can’t manage to wear them all. It’s only natural for women to have cramped-up closets because of these clothes but still, they just can’t help but buy a new set in order to keep up with the latest fashion trends.


We all know that clothes aren’t cheap, especially when it comes to the signature brands. Needless to say, you’ll spend an entire family fortune just in buying clothes for yourself. That’s the reason why most of us tend to wait patiently for a clothes sale and then buying clothes up to our own hearts’ content.



However, it’s a very interesting thing to know that some clothing lines tend to have a sale in a more frequent basis. If you’re interested to know, listed below are the famous signature clothing brands that offer sales more frequently than you think:


  1. Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic – Being members of the Gap Family, these three clothing stores tend to offer slightly different discount strategies, but in a frequent basis. Be informed that even though Banana Republic tends to have the lowest price discount offers, they usually tend to offer it every other week. Gap also tends to offer discount sales more often compared to Banana Republic so take a good look at their website for discount offers.


  1. Ann Taylor and LOFT – Being under the same owner despite making a distinct name at their own rights, they usually offer 30% discounts or more during their sale, especially during holidays, flash sales and special company events. However, this is only offered in their newsletter subscribers so make sure that you subscribe first before trying to avail their discount offers.


  1. Crew – Due to the fact that this brand stocks very nice and expensive stuff, discounts that are usually no more than 30% are deeply appreciated by its customers. Their sales usually happen near and during holidays so make sure that you check it out once in a while.


  1. Boden – This British brand is usually online only for U.S. residents, though it is very interesting to know that they have gained substantial amount of popularity for the past decade. Boden doesn’t publicize its sales but be informed that its discount offers are always available. Just like in LOFT, these offers and discount tips are usually offered in their newsletter subscribers so better check it out for more details.