One-Shoulder Swimsuits

For Women: The Top Five Must-Have One-Shoulder Swimsuits

Now that the Summer heat is on, there’s definitely no doubt that most people are now lining up towards the nearest beach or resort. Whether it’s for recreation or even a long vacation, there’s definitely no doubt that swimwear is definitely a must-have, regardless of your body conditions.


Through the years, we all know that it’s a common thing for women to wear a classic-style swimsuit or, for the daring ones, a two-piece suit. However, it’s good to know that one-shoulder swimsuits are now slowly becoming popular once again for women to wear nowadays. Not only do one-shoulder swimwear looks very stylish, it also gives both security and elegance to women who wear it.

One-Shoulder Swimsuits
One-Shoulder Swimsuits


If you’re a woman and you’re considering to buy at least one for yourself this summer, listed below are the one-shoulder swimsuits that are popular these days:


  1. Miraclesuit Jena – If you added a significant amount of weight right before this summer, wearing a Miraclesuit Jena One Piece Swimsuit will definitely suit you. Because of its style, not only will you look ten pounds lighter, it will also emphasize your well-hidden curves. Right now, it is available for purchase in Nordstrom in sizes 6-16 for the price of $150.


  1. Infinity Blu Sibilla Shirred Skirtini – This one-shoulder bikini is designed especially for plus-sized women who wanted to stay elegant despite their weight. Having sizes from 16W to 22W, it’s good to know that even though your top and bottom size are somewhat different, you can still avail one set for the price of $51.96.


  1. Water Print Asymmetrical One-Shoulder Swimsuit – If you think that Speedo only sell swimwear for men, you’re definitely wrong. The truth is, they’re also selling one-shoulder swimsuit with its unique design and style. You can get this swimsuit at the price of $74.


  1. Jean Paul Gaultier Pinstripe Bikini – Being one of Jean Paul Gaultier’s designs, this one-shoulder bikini is definitely an eye-turner due to its style and tropical appeal. Being available at Zappos at the original price of $375, this is now marked down to $188, along with free shipping.


  1. Splendid Malibu Stripe One-shoulder Bikini – If you want to expose your fish-belly or even well-toned abs, wearing this navy blue and fuchsia-striped bikini top is definitely a must-have. The bikini top, which is originally priced at $61, is now for sale in Nordstrom at 50% off. Depending on your own taste, you can partner this with either a matching or even a solid bikini bottom.