Advantages of Going to Small Colleges or Schools

Advantages of Going to Small Colleges or Schools

Most high school graduates dream of studying in a college or university with a track record of having a very good reputation. This is due to the fact that these kinds of schools are not only guaranteed to offer quality education but also a very eventful college life to all its students. However, since most universities don’t come cheap, most of them are choosing small colleges just to finish their studies.

Advantages of Going to Small Colleges or Schools

Most of us don’t know that small colleges do have advantages too, especially when it comes to academic matters. Listed below are some of these benefits, benefits that could prove very useful for you in the near future:


  1. Connection Opportunities with the College Professor – Even though most universities discourage this one due to favoritism issues, this is an exemption when it comes to small colleges. In such places, connecting with your professor is actually encouraged in order to promote focus in the professor’s subject. In a university, it’s only normal that you seldom see students talking with their professor right after classes. However, in small colleges, you will be amazed to see that students could talk with their professor about the next lesson while taking some lunch.


  1. More Personalized Instructions especially during classes. Since small colleges only have a maximum of 20+ students per class, it’s much easier for a professor to relay personalized instructions to his or her students. Students, on the other hand, will also find it very convenient due to the fact that they can clarify things whenever something is not clear about the professor’s explanation.


  1. Research Opportunities for both Extra-curricular and Academic works. Even though small colleges aren’t being highlighted in varsity competitions or special events when compared to universities, studying here gives the students more research opportunities. These research opportunities with their professors are usually fun-filled in addition to the education it gives. Such opportunities usually offer out-of-town trips, excursions, recollection seminars and most of all, summer retreats.


  1. Pursuit of loving education for its sake. Most professors chose to teach in small colleges for the sake of sharing education itself with his or her students. Since most professors in small colleges tend to regard education as a passion rather than a profession, students will also find it easier to interact with the professor during classes. This is also a chance for both the professor and students to learn new ways since education in such places can become very flexible.